Saturday 2 September 2023

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 / P Series: Configure Wake-On-LAN

To configure Wake-On-LAN, refer to these Lenovo support articles:

How to enable and test Wake-On-LAN in Windows

How to enable Wake on LAN - ThinkCentre (M Series) and ThinkStation (P Series)

It is necessary to enable Wake-On-LAN in the BIOS. Use the Lenovo Think BIOS Config Tool to enable the Wake-On-LAN BIOS option if connecting remotely / using the computer without a local console.

Lenovo Think BIOS Config Tool

  1. Download and extract the BIOS config tool.
  2. Set WakeOnLAN to Enabled.
  3. Click Save Changed Settings.

Retrieve the IP address and MAC address using ipconfig /all and test by using the NirSoft WakeMeOnLan tool.


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