Thursday 24 March 2016

HP Client Security Manager: Error 1325 Hewlett-Packard is not a valid short file name

When uninstalling HP Client Security Manager the following error message is displayed and prevents the uninstall process from completing:

Error 1325 Hewlett-Packard is not a valid short file name.

To resolve:

Open Device Manager (Start > Run > devmgmt)
Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives
Disable the DVD drive
Repeat the uninstall process
Open Device Manager and enable the DVD drive

Friday 18 March 2016

Slack: Black screen at startup after 2.0.1 update

Slack 2.0.1 launches to a black screen and the tray icon states "Slack is starting up".

This is an issue known to Slack and thought to be caused by certain graphics cards/drivers.

To workaround:

Close any open instances of Slack
Open a command prompt (Start > Run or Windows key + R and enter cmd)
Type c: and press enter
Type cd %LocalAppData%\Slack\app-2.0.1
Press Enter
Type slack.exe --disable-gpu
Press Enter and Slack should now launch
Close the command prompt window

This process must be repeated each time Slack is launched or amend your shortcut accordingly.
Slack support advise the issue should be resolved in a future build.

Friday 4 March 2016

Windows Links Toolbar: Open File - Security Warning - Do you want to open this file?

Launching a shortcut from the Links folder displays a security warning:

"Do you want to open this file?"

Name: C:\Users\Username\Favorites\Links\Application.lnk
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Type: Shortcut

From: C:\Users\Username\Favorites\Links\Application.lnk

To resolve:

Open a command prompt and enter:

icacls "C:\Users\Username\Favorites\Links" /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)M

Replacing Username with the appropriate folder name.