Monday 18 June 2012

ADSI Edit: msExchQueryBaseDN Attribute Missing

msExchQueryBaseDN attribute missing in ADSI Edit.

Click Filter and untick "Show only attributes that have values".

Blackberry Enterprise Server: Failed Forwarding Message

Mail delivery from Blackberry Enterprise Server to one Blackberry device delayed with the error message:

"failed forwarding message".

If only one user affected look to replace the SIM card and check the contract hasn't recently changed.

VGA: Unable to Set Native Resolution

Unable to set native 1920x1080 resolution on Samsung SyncMaster 2243 when using 3m VGA cable.

Check all pins on VGA are connected - "fully wired" - this issue can be caused if one pin, pin 9, is missing.

Pin 9 is used to power the DDC and EDID circuits that tell the computer what resolutions the monitor supports.

When replacing original cables with longer VGA cables, reboot the machine to ensure the native resolution is held.