Monday 26 October 2015

Sophos Anti-Virus: Could not find a source for updated packages

New standalone installation of Sophos Anti-Virus fails to update from Sophos with the error:

"Could not find a source for updated packages"

Issue recently discovered by Sophos technical support and can be caused by using an outdated installer.

To resolve:

Uninstall Sophos Anti-Virus and AutoUpdate.
Reboot and delete C:\ProgramData\Sophos.
Reinstall using latest 10.3.11 installer from Sophos.

Filename: savw_103_sa_sfx.exe
CRC-32: fabe7e15
MD4: 1a9b80eb474e4d4f67ff6fe996d0d1be
MD5: cfb24eaeaa380fd1be58c0729c1b6977
SHA-1: ebf7327c6ef81c0a8ec9ba7e48ddc09327a76295

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