Wednesday 27 March 2013

Adobe InDesign CS6: Error - Network Connection Was Lost

Adobe InDesign CS6 on Windows 7 displays the error:

The network connection was lost for the file <filepath\filename.indd>, or the file was modified by another process.

This error can occur soon after opening the file and can be caused when the file being accessed is based on a Mac server.

The issue is due to the SMB implementation within Mac OSX

To troubleshoot, attempt to open the same file within InDesign from another machine to see if the same error message is displayed. If it is, the issue is not with the first machine.

To workaround, either copy the file to the local machine or open command prompt and run a continuous ping from the Windows machine to the Mac server.

ping -t <IP Address of Mac Server>

eg: ping -t

To resolve, a third party application needs to be installed on the Mac Server, such as SMBUp.

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