Tuesday 28 August 2012

Adobe Reader: An Error Occurred While Sending Mail

Adobe Reader - An Error Occurred While Sending Mail

This error can occur when trying to attach a PDF file to an email from within Adobe Reader and may be caused by an installation of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Check the default E-mail editor is set correctly in Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs

Amend the following registry key:


From Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook

Also amend the following key for new users on the system:



  1. It worked perfectly for me!

  2. I don't have Mozilla Thunderbird. Other options?

  3. I don't have Mozilla Thunderbird. Other options?

  4. I had Mozilla Thunderbird installed but removed it a few minutes later. Subsequently a day later I got the message above. I tried restarting my PC but still got the error. After doing the above, the error went away and Reader works normally now with Outlook.

  5. But what if I want to use Gmail?

  6. This worked for me, basically just ensure that whatever the default client is set to, Thunderbird, Google etc. change it to Microsoft Outlook. It worked for me, I had had Mailbird and had to make some registry changes to stop it being the default client, but did not make the change here.